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S&N Outlet is a company that offers services to companies, influencers, businessmen such as advertising, logo creation, poster, flyers, support for ambassadors of different brands, and more; Everything relating to video editing, the development of your projects and the visual. 

At S&N we go in search of young people to give them a place in society. Once back at S&N we work with them, we do training sessions so that they can achieve their goal: to be an ambassador or influencer etc. We do everything to find them the best contracts and with them we study the contracts and the decision to sign is completely up to them. 

S&N Outlet is there to help young people, advise them, help them make important decisions for their future.

Our advice for other businesses is as follows: First: Define their purpose and target their audience. Second: To have at the level of their staff qualified people able to take decisions having as consequences a constructive feedback. And third: Don’t be afraid to invest, but if so may it be in an extremely smart way.

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S&N outlet’s is a system that I recommend any business to take part in, they knew how to manage the Instagram page of Event Mag and MagExpress. A reliable, quality service giving a perfect and unique image of my company Choose S&N outlet's for a service that exceeds your expectations and expectations I chose S&N outlet and you, what do you choose?

Michel Vice President, MAG EXPRESS HAITI

We congratulate you for your service, we can assure you that the video is excellent thank you very much S&N outlet

Gerardo Elvis CEO or BIO

I am very satisfied with S&N outlet because they support me in my projects I encourage all those who have a professional project to contact them and they will put their best representatives at your disposal.

Audrey Dejoie CEO of POUJENYOHT



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